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keda has a brilliant future in Thailand
keda has a brilliant future in Thailandkeda has a brilliant future in Thailand
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Originally Posted by Thormaturge View Post
Geoff, I agree entirely. I regularly drink, but never so much as to become drunk. Usually no more than three or four standard "units" at a time.

The real killer is cigarettes. I see so many men who are sick as dogs due to a lifetime of sucking at cigarettes, and the really harsh part is that once it causes a person's health to collapse it is too late to do anything about it.

I have a friend who, at present, is under sentence of death. He has smoked all of his life and recently suffered his second heart attack. He probably won't see Christmas 2011. I sometimes wonder whether it would be an idea to take him around bars and schools telling people how he feels about cigarettes.

There is no point him quitting now, he's a dead man walking.
Ditto on cigarettes. If govs were half interested in saving lives they would outlaw ciggies or at least tax them prohibitively.
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