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Personal Meet-Up And The UK Visitor Visa

Meeting a British partner for the first time and applying for a UK visitor visa Thailand may not result to a favorable result. Indeed, it can be denied for the applicant may find it hard to prove their true and authentic relationship. Entry clearance officers may find the application suspicious.

Meeting in person

Logically speaking, a genuine relationship will only exist if the couple has personally met each other. Online relationships cannot be considered “authentic” in the strictest sense of the word. With the popularity of dating and social networking sites, almost everybody can form a relationship.

But other than that, what officers try to avoid is the possibility of human trafficking. Through the years, human trafficking syndicates have been using the Internet to lure their victims. Gullible ones fall easily into the trap. Thus, to prevent this, it is a must that the couple has already met each other.

Sponsorship issues

UK tourist visa Thailand permits sponsorships. But this is given more weight if the sponsor and the beneficiary are immediate relatives or share strong consanguine ties. For those who are not yet married, it would help if the beneficiary is likewise financially capable, unless they are applying for a UK unmarried partner visa.

Time and geographical borders

If the applicant feels that he or she still lacks the necessary evidence in showing his or her strong ties and financial capabilities, it is best if for the UK partner to visit the Philippines first. Although it is pretty understandable that certain individuals do not have the luxury of time to travel, but then again, one has to comply with immigration rules and provisions.

Indeed, one may argue that meeting personally is exactly the reason behind the need to enter UK. However, this condition should have been satisfied prior to travelling to the said country.

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