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Check your internet speed uploads and downloads all over the world, see what proxy you have been assigned

The banner below will tell you your proxy or IP. is probably the most comprehensive network of servers to check your internet speeds, it will try to get you to check with your nearest server which may not be of much use to you if you are in Thailand and having problems with connecting to UK hosted web sites, so you need to scroll round the globe and click on a Pyramid in the UK to check connections.

Test your Internet connection speed at
Speakeasy Speed Test

For checking your upload and download speed in Thailand below is a list of Thai internet service providers. True ADSL Thailand Loxinfo

Web site pulse will check that web sites are online and responding, on pressing "Perform Test" the results will open in a new window, just type in the URL of the web site you want to check and type in the security code.

Free Website Test tools by WebSitePulse

Your Browser Details Find out your IP address and hostname, your browser details (User-Agent, Cookies Enabled, Java Enabled , JavaScript Status, Screen Width & Height, CPU class/type, Screen Colour Depth, Window Width & Height) and browser headers. How to use this tool 1. Click the button labeled "View my Internet and Browser details!". The results will provide your IP Address, Browser/Computer Properties and Browser Headers.

Powered by iWEBTOOL

Speed Test Pro is a small program that runs on your PC showing your bandwidth usage, you can download it for free.

Display graphs over time of your connection behavior and maximum bandwidth.

Features of Speed Test Pro

Speed Test is a meter that monitors your internet connection, web site, cpu, memory, Hard Drives, Wifi, LAN, Processes and much more all in real time and will store all data recorded into an log, so it can be easily imported into almost any application. This data can be used to help in resolving problems with your internet connection or computer. Speed Test is a must for resolving connection or computer issues. Speed Test has the flexibility to allow you to view the data in many ways to suit your needs.

If you have a computer, then Speed Test is a must have product.

Speed Test also monitors the performance of your entire system.

* Measure your actual maximum Bandwidth Speed by downloading from our server.

* Measure your Quality of Service.

* Test your own web site's speed, connectivity, response time and errors.

* Test your Home network or LAN's speed.

* You can monitor network connections as well as Broadband Internet connections.

* You can also monitor dial-up connections using the (local Host).

* You can Monitor as many connections as you need.

* Quick and easy viewing of logs inside of graphs.

* Ping Packet size up to 1k.

* Ability to ping a website to estimate connections speeds.

* View your WIFI signal strength with a graph in real time.

* View CPU usage in graphs. (Supports dual/quad cores and more)

* View Memory status in graphs.

* View Hard Drive space in graphs.

* View Hard Drive activity in graphs.

* View System uptime in graphs.

* View Battery status in graphs.

* View a Processes Memory usage in graphs.

* Alert Wizard, allowing you to print, run an app, restart, send an email under any condition that you specify.

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