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  1. The Teak Door message system did not allow me to send the complete text of my previous message it said "only 1000 characters allowed" as i said still learning my way around here.
    This is the remainder of my message:
    " Anyway I am glad to see you again and that you are doing well, If you can resend me a link to your reply I would appreciate it , It looked like it had some nice picture of the farm, and I would like to look at them.
    How are the kids? I bet they are getting big by now. "
  2. Hi Dave
    I got your PM a few days ago and planed fully read it and reply this weekend , but when I went back to read it today . I could not find it. I haven't being on TH very much , and I am still learning my way around. I joined many years ago . but at the time it was kind of rowdy and stayed away. I am glad to see that it has improved .
    I missed you participation on TVF, and your stories about life in the farm, since you left the quality of participation has consistently degraded. especially since it was purchased by the Nation and became a platform for advertising. I was reading an OP started by TVF and I read a sentence that did dot make any sense within the context of the OP, it said "call so and so insurance corp for a quote" then I realised they were inserting adverts in the posts. That was about a month ago and that was the last time I was there.

    Best regards
  3. Welcome to the Teak Door.

    Yes, it's me.

    Snapshot of my Thai life ...


  4. Hi Dave
    are you the same Dave 48 with "farmer girl and the kids from TVF years past ?
    If you are, my username on TVF is Sirineou, you might remember me,.
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