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    Terminally-ill volunteer sought for mummification on Channel 4 A terminally-ill volun

    U.K.A terminally-ill volunteer is being sought to donate their body for a reality television show backed by Channel 4 that would see them mummified and possibly placed on display in a museum.

    By Aislinn Laing
    Published: 7:54AM GMT 11 Jan 2010
    Film production company Fulcrum TV has placed an advertisement in spiritual magazines appealing for volunteers to come forward.
    According to the show's executive producer, they can expect to be filmed in the run-up to their demise so that viewers have "a proper emotional response" to them when they pass away and are mummified.
    The documentary team have enlisted the help of a scientist in the North of England who claims to have discovered the secrets of the ancient Egyptian mummification process, which was popular as far back as 3300 BC and thought to help the spirit travel to the afterlife.
    In common practice, the body's organs were removed and stored in jars - apart from the brain which was thought to be useless and thrown away - and the body was dried out with natron before being wrapped in cloth and placed in a sarcophagus.
    The advertisement reads: “We are currently keen to talk to someone who, faced with the knowledge of their own terminal illness and all that it entails, would nonetheless consider undergoing the process of ancient Egyptian embalming.”
    The proposal has received development funds from Channel 4 which has backed the "fascinating" research.
    Fulcrum’s TV’s executive producer, Richard Belfield, spoke about his plans to an undercover reporter from The Independent who posed as a possible volunteer.
    “We would like to film with you over the next few months to understand who you are and what sort of person you are so the viewers get to know you and have a proper emotional response to you,” he said.
    “It may sound rather macabre but we have mummified a large number of pigs to check that the process worked and it does. We have lined up scientists to support the project and found a place approved by the Human Tissue Authority where the mummification would take place.
    “Afterwards one thought was - though this is not obligatory - to put the body in an exhibition in a proper museum so people can properly understand the mummification process. That is something we would be flexible about. But we would like to keep the body for two or three years to see that the mummification process worked. Then the normal funeral arrangements could be made.”
    Fulcrum is not offering any payment for the project, other than to meet costs. "The advice from our compliance lawyers is that it would be wrong to offer payment," Mr Belfield said.
    A Channel 4 spokesman told The Independent that the research into Egyptian chemical practices could have implications for modern science.
    “We’re fascinated by the research that is taking place," he said. "If the scientists are able to find a willing donor we’d be interested in following the process.
    "And if you were to question why we were interested we’d say ‘If the scientists have solved one of the ancient world’s most enduring mysteries [the process of mummification] it would give us a unique insight into science and Egyptian history and may well prove to have other significant benefits for medical science’.”
    Terminally-ill volunteer sought for mummification on Channel 4 - Telegraph

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    Nothing to do with ratings.......


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    Quote Originally Posted by crippen
    That is something we would be flexible about. But we would like to keep the body for two or three years to see that the mummification process worked. Then the normal funeral arrangements could be made.” Fulcrum is not offering any payment for the project, other than to meet costs. "The advice from our compliance lawyers is that it would be wrong to offer payment," Mr Belfield said.
    Be wrong to offer payment??
    Cheap bastards will not get my old carcase for free, they full of shit if they think that.
    Damn we are all terminal in one way or another, so why not pay me now and follow me around and then when I die they can do what ever they want,,, but nothing for nothing.

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    Reminds me of this, which turned up on digg the other day.

    The World's Worst Dating Show Ideas

    I think most of us have already come to terms with the fact that dating shows on television are as good as dead. A telling development was the unveiling of Monica Lewinsky as the host of Mr. Personality, a show so boring and charmless that an ex-president's mistress was hired to pull in viewers. The shocking thing is, the bottom of the barrel has yet to be scraped when it comes to dating shows. For your entertainment, below are just a few of the strangest ideas we've come across - some in-development as we speak and some which have mysteriously disappeared since their development was announced.

    Prisoner of Love
    In June of this year, a dating show by the name of Prisoner of Love was picked up by Dutch broadcaster NCRV. Set to air in 2010, the concept is as simple as it is ridiculous. A selection of women, all looking for love, are sent on blind dates with some newly-released ex-cons. As if the possibility of finding love wasn't alluring enough for the contestants, at the end of the date the women are given the opportunity to guess what their dates were sent to prison for in order to win a prize. So romantic!

    Wolfboy: Divorced and Looking for Love
    31 year old Larry Ramos Gomez has suffered from a condition known as hypertrichosis his entire life, and as a result has a full face of hair. Better known as Wolfboy, Gomez was recently approached by a company called Zoo Productions and asked to star in a dating show sensitively titled Wolfboy: Divorced and Looking for Love, in which he will be filmed attempting to find his soulmate. Of course, Zoo Productions deny all accusations relating to the exploitation of Gomez's condition. The show will apparently air next year.

    Monstrous Love
    Dutch broadcaster SBS caused a storm of controversy in 2007 when they appealed for people with a 'visible, serious handicap' to come forward and perhaps become a contestant on a new dating show they were attempting to develop. More specifically, they asked to see applicants with eyes missing and/or severe facial burns or scars. They then denied claims that the show's format was tasteless, even though the working title for the project was 'Monstrous Love'. Oddly enough, the show fell off the radar following the furore.

    Who Wants To Marry A U.S. Citizen?
    Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen was a show devised by the geniuses at Morusa Media in California in 2007, and by the end of that year they already had the first pool of contestants and a host signed up. The idea? A lucky, single American woman goes on dates with three handsome but illegal immigrants and at the end picks one with which to spend the rest of her life. Said the host Angelo Gonzales before the show presumably fell through: 'There are thousands of US citizens seeking a spouse, and just as many immigrants seeking the same. So we want to make it a win-win situation for all involved'. Who can argue?

    The World's Worst Dating Show Ideas
    The Above Post May Contain Strong Language, Flashing Lights, or Violent Scenes.

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    There's one going on U.S. TV that I used to watch episodes of on Youtube.
    I can't remember what it's called, youtubes been banned here so long I forgot.
    search youtube for 'worst date' and you'll find it.
    Especially the one where they hook a very straight guy up with an actual crack whore who gets him stoned and ... well, you'll have to watch it.
    "In my professional assessment as an intelligence officer, Trump has a reflexive, defensive, monumentally narcissistic personality, for whom the facts and national interest are irrelevant, and the only thing that counts is whatever gives personal advantage and directs attention to himself."

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    may send this info to my brother; solve his money worries; rec'd this email from him today (excuse spelling - expect drunk, and he's a tefl-er)

    in total despair as bankrupt have resumed thjought sof leapiong off patituit so fucking SICK of mjy ficking life thes edays

    Patituit is actually Paritutu, 505' rock outcrop in hometown where he's currently existing. Am not concerned, such a lazy bastard he'd never make the effort to climb up, walking to the bus about his limit.
    He recently turned 60 - is this normal behaviour?
    we're not close, but it was nice to hear from him again.

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