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    Australia Brisbane - Prisoner gets supervised sex in plea deal

    Prisoner gets supervised sex in plea deal

    A PRISONER was allegedly shifted to a police station to have sex with his girlfriend and inject drugs in exchange for pleading guilty to 20 break and enters.

    IT'S almost too fanciful to be true: a prisoner is picked up from jail and taken for a drive by police officers through the suburbs on Brisbane's southside.

    He's handed a list of unsolved break-and-enters, perhaps as many as 300.

    He reads the details: how entry was gained, what was taken, the time the crime was committed.

    And he's told that he needs to admit to at least 20 to make his reward worthwhile.

    What was that? According to evidence given by the prisoner to the Crime and Misconduct Commission, police collected his girlfriend and delivered her to Morningside police station, reports the Courier Mail.

    And it was there where they engaged in sex and the prisoner injected himself with drugs his girlfriend brought.

    The prisoner, called RI in the scathing report into police released this week, was not the only person allowed to come and go from their jail cell.

    Murderers and armed robbers were allowed out of custody: one to meet his partner and young children in Roma Street Parkland for a play; another to lunch at a swish riverside restaurant.

    The CMC's Dangerous Liaisons report, based on its Operation Capri, is not a repeat of the Fitzgerald inquiry - but it's certainly a reminder of how a bad lot of eggs can stink out a whole refrigerator. And with more than 25 officers implicated in wrongdoing - ranging from stupidity to outright criminal activity - it should not be dismissed as easily as it was this week.

    The sheer brazenness of some officers seems to know no bounds. Take this example, also outlined in the report.

    An informant fund existed, courtesy of the Australian Bankers Association and the Credit Union Security Forum. And over the period of its operation, 77 payments were made, a total of $17,990.

    But no records were kept, an "end justifies the means" mentality meant that few rules existed, and money was misappropriated.

    Police also falsely claimed payments had been made to informants, signatures were forged and evidence of transactions faked.

    There's no better example of the latter than one outlined by Robert Needham and his team in their comprehensive and temperate investigation report.

    In that example, officers faked an audiotape and produced it as proof of a payment to an informant. The audio was supposed to support a meeting between two officers and an informant at a coffee shop at West End.

    But investigations showed it was made in carpark bay 148 on level B2 of police headquarters, and that a police officer assumed the role of an informant for the recording.

    The Police Union decided to go in to bat for those police officers who were subject to the report, not the 99.9 per cent of others who are honest and law-abiding and who will be tainted by the accusations levelled at their colleagues.

    Commissioner Atkinson, who accepts responsibility for the misconduct, has allowed many of those under a cloud to resign on full benefits.

    That means they've got off scot free.

    And the Government? Originally elected on a post-Fitzgerald reform agenda, it seems to have decided silence is the best policy.

    Madonna King presents Mornings each weekday from 8.30am on 612 ABC Brisbane.

    Read her full report in the Courier Mail.

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    The last people you need to believe the QLD CMC (crime misconduct commission
    most of the crime originate from this comission,done nothing for years now when the talk about disbanding it out come the allegations

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