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    Cameron calls Iman ‘Isis supporter’ but it turns out he a Conservative 5555

    Imam accused of being an ‘Isis supporter’ demands apology from David Cameron
    Imam Suliman Gani demanded 'a serious, immediate apology' from the Prime Minister

    The imam branded an Isis supporting extremist by David Cameron has said he is a Conservative supporter and demanded an apology.

    Suliman Gani denied allegations he supports Isis and said he was surprised by the Prime Minister's comments, especially because he had been invited to a Tory event encouraging Muslims to become councillors.

    Attempting to link Labour's mayoral candidate to extremists during Wednesday's Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Cameron had said: “The honourable member for Islington might be interested in this. He [Gani] describes women as subservient to men, he said that homosexuality was an unnatural act.

    "He stood on a platform with people who wanted an Islamic state. That is why his attempts to deal with antisemitism are utterly condemned to failure, because he won’t even condemn people who sit on platforms with people like that.”

    Hours after Jeremy Corbyn reminded Mr Cameron the man in question was a Conservative supporter, Mr Gani told Sky News he thought the allegations were "preposterous".

    The imam stressed he had never supported the terror group, saying: "I have openly condemned the barbarity and monstrosity of Isis."

    He also said he had no problems with homosexuality - as Mr Cameron had alleged - saying: "I have no problem with any person's personal inclination."....
    His letter

    Imam accused of being an ?Isis supporter? demands apology from David Cameron | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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    David Cameron keeps accusing this British citizen of supporting ISIS - but did he?
    • 19:32, 3 May 2016
    • Updated 19:33, 3 May 2016
    • By Mikey Smith
    David Cameron today stood by his claim that a British citizen was a supporter of Islamic State, despite providing no evidence

    David Cameron has been accused of misleading MPs, breaking the ministerial code and smearing a British Muslim by accusing him of supporting Islamic State.
    The Prime Minister accused Imam Suliman Gani of being a supporter of Islamic State during PMQs last month.
    He used the claim to launch a crude and blistering attack on Sadiq Khan , whom he said "shared a platform with him" on nine occasions.
    The accusation has prompted life-long Tory columnist Peter Oborne to write a furious open letter to Mr Cameron, calling on him to withdraw the claim and apologise to Mr Gani.
    But does Suliman Gani actually support Islamic State? And what evidence has David Cameron got to prove it?
    Here's what you need to know.
    What did David Cameron say?

    He said: “Suliman Gani - the honourable member for Tooting has appeared on a platform with him 9 times. This man supports IS.
    Did anyone else pile in?

    .Yes. Zac Goldsmith piled in
    Here's what he had to say: "To share a platform nine times with Suliman Gani, one of the most repellent figures in this country, you don’t do it by accident."
    This was shortly before it emerged that Mr Gani had been invited by the Conservative Party to an event at which Mr Goldsmith spoke.
    And that he'd posed for a photo with him.

    Twitter / Suliman Gani
    Suliman Gani and Zac Goldsmith Is David Cameron sticking by his accusation?

    Yes. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister told the Mirror today: "The Prime Minister stands by the comments he made about Suliman Gani in the House on 20 April."
    When does he say Mr Gani supported IS?

    According to Number 10, Mr Gani called for an Islamic State at an event in Bradford on November 13th, 2015, the night of the Paris terror attacks.
    Is that true?

    No. He didn't speak at an event in Bradford on November 13th, 2015.

    He did speak at an event in Bedford that night. But, as far as we can tell, he didn't call for an Islamic State.
    He did say this though:
    "We respect, tolerate, live in a society which is multicultural, but wherever we are living - it does not matter in which part of the world - the role model will always remain the Prophet Mohammed."
    Are you sure?

    Philip Coburn / Mirrorpix
    Iman Suliman You can check for yourself. The whole event is on YouTube, here .
    We've listened to every statement he made in the Q&A session available from the event, and can't find anything that could be construed as a call for an Islamic State.
    We've asked Number 10 for a specific quote, but they had not responded at the time of publication.
    How's it gone down?

    Not well at all.
    Mr Gani released a statement which said:
    "For the avoidance of any doubt, I state again that Islamic State is in no way compatible with my beliefs. I condemn IS wholeheartedly, and have done so repeatedly in public and in private since its inception.
    "This allegation that has been made about me is a smear on my good name. It is highly distressing to me, my family, and to those who know me."
    He called for Mr Cameron to withdraw the remarks and apologise.

    David Cameron And life-long Tory columnist Peter Oborne yesterday wrote an open letter to David Cameron , accusing him of misleading MPs over Mr Gani's support for IS.
    In the letter, published on the Middle East Eye website , he wrote: "To sum up, the prime minister has made a very serious charge against a British citizen – namely that that he supports IS, the most notorious terror group in the world.
    "Neither he nor his spokespeople ...have been able to provide a scintilla of evidence to support this claim. Since he is unable to provide the evidence, I believe the prime minister must urgently withdraw his false and profoundly damaging assertion about Mr Gani."

    He goes on to note that the Ministerial Code requires ministers who inadvertently mislead the house to correct the record as soon as possible.
    His letter concludes: "It would be utterly discreditable – indeed damnable - if the prime minister’s slur against Mr Gani were to remain on the record. He must either substantiate it, which I am certain he cannot do - or withdraw it, with a full apology"
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