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    Kiwi Kayaker calls off 2nd attempt to row across the Tasman

    A Kiwi kayaker who set off from the mid-north coast of New South Wales on Monday to resume his solo trip to New Zealand, is again heading back to shore.

    Scott Donaldson, 42, has been planning his trip for three years to raise awareness for the Asthma Foundation.

    He first set off from Coffs Harbour on Anzac Day, but was forced into Port Macquarie two days later when his satellite phone became waterlogged.

    He left Port Macquarie again on Monday morning, but is reporting on his Double Ditch website that his kayak has sprung a leak.

    He says he now plans to abandon his epic adventure until later in the year.

    The Age
    Tasman kayaker springs a leak and turns back - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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    I really do believe these folks should sign a waiver prior to setting out against rescue OR post a bond / insurance policy equal to the cost of .

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    Talking typical Kiwi.....

    full of fcukin excuses, had ta turn back cause his phone got waterlogged.....Fcuk, yer there to row ya fuckin boat not yak on the fricken phone....ya geek.
    and now its a leak....shudda taken a bucket, or at best a bilge pump....wotta loser.

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    Fuking nuts these cats that recon rowing across the Tasman is good crack.

    Sick fuks I recon.

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