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Thread: F#$%^&# help.

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    F#$%^&# help.

    I just spent the best part of 1/2 hr ,one finger typing my first Newbie post, did a review and Whoops , I have direction on how to post it and I have no idea how to retrieve it..oh well back to the stubbies..

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    bummer, well if at first you dont succeed, try try again. Good luck and welcome.

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    Hello, and welcome to the buffalo board...

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    Give it up... it doesn't get any better.

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    bear in mind some forums on the board only let you post after a certain number of posts.. since you only have 1 (and likely none at the time of your original conundrum) it is possible you weren't allowed to start a new topic.

    If writing a longish review on something, maybe a good idea to type it as a word or word pad document, saved on your pc, before copying and pasting to the board... that way if it's lost you still have a copy.
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