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    visa extentions for minors must they leave Thailand?

    Unsure how to delete. Found out it's not REALLY and extension, its like a new visa, so he needs to go out of the country and return with the new visa. Mai Pen Rai. The tourist visas for my son and I expire very soon. I planned to go to Laos to extend them. Does anyone know, must he come with me to do this? He is a minor? When I obtained our tourist visas in Los Angeles and when I obtained our one month extension while in Phuket last month, he was not present and I was not asked where he was. I realize that his passport will not have the exit stamp for him, which may be a problem for the extention, however I'd planned to say he is in school (language classes) and I didn't want him to stop that. He does not have a student visa and I don't intend to be here longer than two more months at most so didn't want to go through that ordeal. Anyone know if he MUST leave too? Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated! Thank you!
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    No, I think it is 15yo they can stay and do not get in trouble for overstay, no fine no nothing.

    When you depart the country though, you need to have your childs birth certificate with you as proof you are the parent etc.

    Not sure if this is for Thai/farang only kids and maybe not for full farang kids as I wonder how many actually travel with their kids birth certificates.

    My son has been here on tourist visa for 6 years, no problem.
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