Racine described the eternal constants, the time, the place , the people

At the Atlanta open wrong hole may have a different meaning to Pattaya

Snake hunt "in" Rural Surin may be a dissappointed Scot seeking a refund in Jomtien It's nae Khvnt

Alloy Toy maybe a cheap plaything in one culture and....

Danny Boy may be the terminal dirge at an Irish wake....

A delayed generals erection may be his watch stopped

A Gin won , could be a fantastic alcoholic winner or...

Ball Trick could bea Lionel Messi ending or a Madagasketeeer

Klongtoey in a pickle could be a Dillingert

David44 could just be Dave48 stripped of his plus fours or Missedkit

A lobotomy is seroius Headworx

Fellating a physician DrBob

I case my rest