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    How to enable USBs

    The company that I work for has a policy that USBs on personal computers have to be disabled, can anyone tell me how to re-enable. Via the device manager all seems normal so Iím wondering if it has been disabled by other means. I can use my mouse but not my wireless extender which I need them for.

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    When you first turn your PC on there is an option to modify the BIOS. If your company staff are any good, they've password protected it and you're screwed.

    If they haven't you can enable it there. But if your company has a tough IT security policy and catches you doing it, be prepared to face the consequences.

    Let's put it this way, if you were trying to open my network to unfiltered Internet I'd make sure you got fired.

    If what you are doing is legitimate and you need it for your work, ask your IT department for help. If it isn't, then I'd suggest you use your own computer at home for your own stuff.

    If you didn't know the answer to this question then you obviously have no idea about the risk at which you could put your company's entire network.

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