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    Using HDMI on LCD (Shadow problem)

    I have a JVC LCD TV which I’m pleased with, but recently I upgraded my AJ DVD player which I bought just over 2 years ago at 1700bht, to a Pioneer 410 (3990bht) which is HD HDMI etc. I only upgraded because my AJ wouldn’t recognize 90% of the DVDs flagging signal which sets the DVD to widescreen. For some odd reason it would only recognize 'Rambo First Blood' which I would then eject and play the DVD I wished to watch.

    Anyway, I am one of the few people that can see rainbow effects with projection, LCD/DLP and now HD/HDMI TV and have found this to be particularly bad on LCD with HD. In particular with black colour (chrominance) which is the hardest colour to reproduce. If the skin tones are grey due to a dark scene, and the background is darker or black, from the point of the skin tones this creates a shadow bar across the TV and follows the characters, or objects movements.

    I haven’t noticed any other connections on the DVD (RGB) etc which I will try later. Just curious if anyone else has a similar issue.

    I used to sell, install and repair Projectors a few years ago, and despite all this new and modern technology (blue ray) which is nothing more than Sony’s marketing dominance. I haven’t seen anything to rival a good CRT projector for skin tones and contrast.
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    The 410 has been around for a while, maybe bad decoding software ? was the AJ player in HD mode or SD ? you can only achieve 720p only through components or HDMI, so maybe your TV has a bad HD render engine or bad software to resolve those "shadow" effect.

    HD 720p has still a lot of issues between players, encoding/decoding and LCD screen technology

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