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    GameCrafterTeam's Smash Cat Invades PC

    GameCrafterTeam's Smash Cat Invades PC

    Phuket, Thailand – March 15th, 2013 – Thailand-base game developer GameCrafterTeam has released their second title “Smash Cat” for PC.

    “Smash Cat” has you control Shintaro, the one cat brave enough to oppose the evil Kuroneko organization. The game will be available later today for $1.99 via Amazon, GamersGate, and Gameolith among other digital retailers.

    “We have a great feeling about this game. This is a game that not only did we enjoy developing, but we thoroughly enjoy playing it as well. We hope you get the same level of enjoyment we did out of Smash Cat,” said Pawee Pakamekanon, team leader of GameCrafterTeam.

    “Smash Cat” is a humorous action-arcade game that pits you as the planet's only hope, a heroic cat named Shintaro. You must use your tank to fend off the invading Kuroneko organization as they aim to conquer the planet. The Kuroneko boast a wide array of weaponry that pose varied challenges throughout the game. You must battle through the enemy soldiers until you can destroy their ultimate weapon, the Metal Cat Cannon, and permanently bring an end to this war.

    GameCrafterTeam aimed to create a more lighthearted game than their first title “HyperSonic 4”. “Smash Cat” is a comical and fun take on global warfare. This game can be enjoyed by new and experienced gamers of any age.

    About GameCrafterTeam
    GameCrafterTeam is a team of independent game developers that grew from a group of hobbyist student game developers. They aim to make games in a way that expresses themselves, creating games they would like to play. For additional info on New Horizon Games, LLC check out their IndieDB page at GameCrafterTeam company - Indie DB.

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    A cat driving a tank...

    Think I'll give this one a miss!

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    ^ the hello kitty school of game development.

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