Outstanding quality food -- either as raw ingredients or prepared meals.
Both from one commissary: “Paleo Robbie”.
I've been a regular customer for over 6 months.

Not a restaurant, you can’t eat there — only delivery, and only in Bangkok.

1) Prepared, complete meals — paleo strict.

Delivered to your door, chilled, not hot.
I’ve tried 6 meals so far.
Examples: beef stew, roasted lamb shank, grilled chicken Caesar salad.
Prices: 299-399 baht plus 50 baht per delivery.

“Home made” style and flavors --not pretentious or trendy as in so many restaurants.
Portions large to very large — “large” size enough for two big meals.

Some meals I liked a lot (beef stew); others okay but wouldn’t order again (BBQ ribs were overloaded with paprika seasonings).

If you are interested in “paleo”, and don’t want to cook, I highly recommend these meals.
Even if you are not interested in "paleo", these meals are delicious and convenient.
One downside: The ordering process and requirement to pay-in-advance are somewhat finicky.
I don’t care for that.

2) Wholesale delivery of top quality, paleo, meats, fish, and fruits.

Far better quality than the average at Villa Market or FoodLand.
If you cook at home, these are excellent quality foods.

The ground beef is the best I’ve found in Thailand.
The ground lamb is also delicious.
The sausages are superb, especially the home-made bratwurst.
I frequently order the halibut and cod to make fisherman’s pie with butter, cream and mashed potatoes.
The frozen cherries go into the blender for smoothies.
Also, soup bones for making bone-marrow stock.

Delivery in Bangkok area is free, but minimum order: 1,500 baht.
Note: everything is in packaged 1 Kg or more.
That’s a lot of bratwursts.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer.

Link: Paleo Robbie