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    Gai Sam Rot - Anyone have a recipe? (Chicken + 3 flavored Sauce)

    Does anyone have a recipe for Gai Sam Rot (Chicken + 3 flavored Sauce)

    It is a tasty chicken dish with a sauce that has a sweet, slightly sour and something else - maybe a tamarind flavor, but not sure.


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    Only thing I can think to do is to use the same sauce as in pla sam rot.

    Spicy Triple Flavor Fish (Pla sam rod ปลาสามรส)


    grouper or any marine fish 400 g
    red chilli 5
    finely sliced garlic 1 tbsn
    finely chopped coriander root 1 tbsn
    finely chopped galangal tbsn
    finely sliced shallot 2 tbsn
    sugar c
    fish sauce 2 tbsn
    vinegar 2 tbsn
    tamarind juice 3 tbsn
    cooking oil c

    Preparation :

    1. In case whole fish is used, scale, gut and rinse clean thoroughly. Score in strips on both sides. If fish steak is used, wash thoroughly. And drain well.

    2. Put wok over medium heat. Pour in cooking oil just enough to cover fish. When oil is very hot, add fish and fry until golden brown and crispy on both side. Remove from heat and drain well.

    3. Pound read large bird’s-eye chilli, garlic, coriander root, galangal and shallot together until smooth.

    4. Heat oil in wok using high heat. Add chilli paste in ( 3 ). Fry until fragrant. Add sugar, fish sauce, vinegar and tamarind juice to taste and stir fry.

    5. Pour mixture in ( 4 ) over fish. Serve garnished with coriander.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aging one
    Only thing I can think to do is to use the same sauce as in pla sam rot.
    Correct. The same sauce is used for multiple dishes. Make the sauce. Put in fridge. Use it with fish, chicken, pork. or prawns.

    Essentially sweet and sour sauce with a bite.

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