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Friday 29th June 2007
Lent Day Preparation Meeting at Pattaya City Hall.
Buddhist Lent takes place this year between 30th July and 26th October. During this time Monks are not permitted to leave their temples for a period of 3 months. As part of Pattaya’s preparations for this event, a parade around the streets of the City has been organized and Khun Watanna, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya chaired this preparation meeting to discuss the plans for the parade which takes place on 27th July. The Lent Parade will begin at Lan Po in Naklua and will take in the entire stretch of Pattaya Beach and finish at the Chaimongkol Temple on the South Pattaya Road. The meeting discussed traffic control for the event which will be maintained by Pattaya’s Traffic Police and Tourist Police. It is expected that over 40 floats will take part in the event. If you would like to find out more information on Pattaya’s Lent Celebrations you can call 038 253 231.