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    Pattaya cabbies charged for threatening Uber driver

    Pattaya police yesterday charged four cabbies for intimidation and threats after a Uber driver accused them of surrounding his car while was awaiting to pick up a foreign customer in Pattaya 2 road.

    Surasak Kukam, 29, a Uber taxi driver, produced a video clip showing the four cabbies were intimidating and threatening him.

    He later filed a complaint with the police for legal action.

    Surasak’s complaint was in retaliation to the Pattaya cabbies who asked the police to arrest and fine him for driving with no taxi driving licence after surrounding his car.

    He was fined 1,000 baht by the police for using private car to provide taxi service.

    The police said they had to charge the four cabbies as their action to surround the car of other is illegal and tantamount to deprive him of freedom.

    They were charged for intimidation and threats, police said.

    Second Region Provincial Police commissioner Pol Lt Gen Jitti Rodbangyang said this was the second case of intimidation of Uber taxi drivers in Pattaya despite relevant authorities’ effort to resolve the conflict between Pattaya cabbies and Uber taxi drivers as this has affected the image of the famous seaside tourist destination.

    He warned of legal action if Pattaya cabbies repeat the offence again while those driving private cars to provide taxi service will also be arrested and fined for driving with no public transport licence.

    Pattaya cabbies charged for threatening Uber driver - Thai PBS English News

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