Flood situation in the South is worsened today with the major highway linking Bangkok with the South now cut off by flash flood in Prachuab Khiri Khan.
The disruption of road communication adds difficulties to aid supplies to the South and hardship to flood stricken people after the rail line was earlier paralysed by flooding at Bang Saphan district of Prachuab Khiri Khan.

Prachuab Khiri Khan is the latest province in the upper southern region to be hit by heavy rains last night, causing flash flood to submerge the southern rail line and the major Phetkasem highway at Bang Saphan district.

All vehicles could not pass the submerged section of the highway due to deep water and strong current yesterday, causing several kilometres long of traffic jams.

Until late today the highway is still impassable after flood water spilled from three reservoirs in Bang Saphan district flowed down to further submerge a section of Phetkasem highway from Sam Yaek Bang Saphan junction to Ban Ko Yai Chim.

The strong current washed away the bridge approach slab of the Ban Wang Yao bridge, paralyzing traffic on this major highway from Bangkok to the South and vise versa completely.

Prachuab Khiri Khan highway chief Apichart Chantanyakorn said a temporary bridge would be built to facilitate traffic on the highway which would take 12 hours to finish.

The collapse of the bridge approach on the major highway to the south has caused several kilometres long of vehicles lining up on both ends of the highway.

Yesterday another section of the highway was flooded after flash flood from the Tanaosri mountain range caused the Tabaek Proang reservoir and Jaka dam to spill and flood farmlands and households in Bang Saphan and Tab Sakae districts.

The highway in Ang Thong subdistrict of Tab Sakae district at KM 358-360 kilometre was under 50-80 centimetres deep of flood water, making it impassable for vehicles.

The Baan Krood intersection in Chaikasem subdistrict of Bang Saphan was also under 30-50 centimetres of strong flood water, while various secondary roads were also flooded.

Local authorities had to build sand bag embankment along the road to help slow down the water flow.

The Bang Saphan hospital officials also had to put up sand bag barricades and evacuated patients and equipment to higher grounds.

Latest report said another round of flash flood from Tanaosri mountain range has flowed into the Klong Loy reservoir raising the water level to a point where it is almost overflowing its spillway.

One police officer identified as Pol Lt Dusit Sonthanakorn, 47, deputy inspector for suppression at the Huay Yang police station, was washed away by flash flood as he was directing traffic on the flooded Phetkasem highway.

His body was retrieved later at sewer.

In Chumphon province, monks at the Rab Ror temple in Ta Sae district had to asked for assistance from a local rescue team to help them move coffins and other belongings at the temple to higher grounds, after flash flood from Tanaowasri mountain range had flowed into the Chumphon and Rab Ror canals, causing them to overflow into the 8 subdistricts of Ta Sae district and 7 other subdistricts of Muang district with a deep level of flood water.

Asia highway 41, starting from the Pathomporn intersection, all the way to the local bus terminal, for a distance of 300 metres was also flooded and impassable for small vehicles.

Highway link to South from Bangkok now cut off by flash flood in Bang[at] Saphan - Thai PBS English News