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    Mostly female Teenagers brawl in Phitsanulok

    Teenage girl students in gang brawl in Phitsanulok | Bangkok Post: breakingnews

    Teenage brawl in Phitsanulok (pix)

    About 30 high school students, mostly girls, gathered at a construction site in Phitsanulok's Muang district and had a brawl on Wednesday evening.

    Residents who witnessed the clash said the teenagers, many wearing student uniforms, arrived on motorcycles after school. The construction site belongs to a community health centre about 100 metres from a park where people exercise every evening.

    The locals initially thought that the students were friends and were only hanging out.

    This soon changed when two girls in the group got into a fist fight while other students were loudly taunting each other or recording the action on their mobile phones.

    Adults who had been exercising rushed over to stop the brawl. The raucous teens immediately disbanded after one of the adults said he would call the police.

    One of the residents said many local teenagers frequently hang out at the construction site.

    The cause of the fight was not known.

    Photos by Chinnawat Singha

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    Bags I get to shag the winner.

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    Fair play to the people who broke up the fight. With all the student related troubles, every chance of being shot at.

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