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    Phuket masseuses robbed at gunpoint

    Phuket masseuses robbed at gunpoint

    PHUKET: -- Police are on the lookout for two men wanted for robbing two masseuses at gunpoint in Phuket Town on Wednesday.

    Phuket City Police duty officer Pol Lt Col Na-non Phithakkultorn told the Gazette he received the report of the robbery at 9:30am on Wednesday and immediately went to investigate.

    At the scene, in front of the Chao Phraya massage parlor at Phunpol Plaza, a group of masseuses were still talking excitedly about the incident when police arrived, he said.

    Two of the masseuses, Phailin Phoonsert, 50, from Chiang Mai, and Phuket native Jetwadee Chookaew, 29, told police they were sitting and talking in front of the shop when two men on a red-and-white Fino motorcycle parked in front.

    The rider, described as overweight and dark skinned, got off the motorcycle and walked towards them.

    He shouted for the shop owner before pointing a black revolver at the masseuses and demanding their handbags.

    After they complied the man got back on the motorbike and sped off.

    Ms Phailin’s black bag reportedly contained 6,000 baht in cash, a gold necklace valued at 3,000 baht, and some 10 small Buddha image pendants.

    Ms Jetwadee’s purple bag reportedly contained 17,000 baht in cash, one necklace of one-bahtweight (15 grams) of gold; another necklace, this one of one-quarter bahtweight in gold; as well as a gold ring and a diamond-studded, two-bahtweight gold bracelet.

    The total value of the stolen items was estimated at about 50,000 baht.

    It was not reported why the women were in possession of so much cash and valuables at the time.

    Masseuses working the area typically make about 150 baht per hour for their services, half of which goes to the massage parlor.

    Phuket Gazette

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    No happy ending for those ladies, I'd say.

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    none for me either, i was excpectting 2 sad faced rubhouse chicks, and some scene of the crime shots

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    Funny what a continent makes. Paris Hilton it was not mine, Thailand, non only was it mine but I am rich and there was a shitload in my bag. Con women either way.

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