Nibbles And More must have been open for about 6 months (at a guess), located at Mabprachan lake between The Fishermans and Laylas chippy.

Bearing in mind I live about 200m's away I should really have tried this place before.

Anyway, on with the review through a beer bottle.

On entering I was very surprised how well done out the place was, very Mediterranean looking and very pleasing to the eye. The open kitchen is also a great feature.

I went with my parents and luckily left the wife at home because one point which will really hold a lot of couples here back from going is that they don't serve Thai food.

Anyway, the menu is really quite good for most westerners.

As a struggling veggie tree hugger thingy sort of person I was forced (no bones were broken in the ordering of my dishes) to go a wee bit farmyard.

I ordered from the tapas menu,

catch of the day (fillet of Hallibut, I think) very nice it was too.
patatas bramas, very nice indeedy
pranws in garlic, very very nice indeedy

Mumsie just had a salad which was.... well, a salad, all good.

Dadio had meat pie with all the trimmings which he said was great.

I forgot to mention that when I ordered my thirst drink (Tiger obviously) I was delivered a strange clear bottle with the words Tiger Lightweight on it!!!!

Obviously the lovely young lady(Ingrish not Thai !) who had taken my order thought I sat down to pee or something. It turns out their usual clientèle have never heard of Tigrrrrr.

Anyway, overall, really good food, really good service, a really well done out an clean place and the owners and staff are great too.

I just wish they had a bit of a Thai menu then they would be rocking.

I shall certainly be going back very soon