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    tracker device for car advice please.

    im thinking of getting a tracker device so i can locate a car if it should go missing, i have been quoted approx 8,000 bhat but then they also want 300 bhat per month??

    is this the norm??
    is this a good price??
    anyone know of a better deal or good garage or a garage you wouldnt trust??
    pattaya area.

    would you have it fitted if its insured anyways??
    insurance is bog standard on new nissan so not sure what im covered for or not to be honest.


    please dont post anything on here and make this thread like thai, if its helpful its good, if it's not, it aint helpfull so dont waste either of our times.

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    • 10:21 How to install a car GPS tracking device system - $119 Includes 2-years of Serviceby GPSandTRACK

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