I am in the process of buying a new laptop (Sony Vario S 15” I7)within the next couple of days to be used for my trip to Pattaya.
In the past when I needed internet service in Pattaya, I would just walk over to 1 of many internet café.

This year I will be spending about 8 months in Thailand primarily in Pattaya.
The hotel I will be residing in has free WIFI available.
I will be using my new notebook for web surfing, email, reading/writing on social networks, viewing some live streams, and listening to music videos from Youtube.

On occasion, I would like to download a full-length movie to watch whether it be a torrent file or from another source.

I have a couple of reservations about using WIFI full-time:
1) WIFI may not have enough bandwidth to download movies.
2)Due to a variety of reasons, WIFI connection can be unpredictable in Thailand.

Are there any ISP packages or plans available (on a pay-as-you-go) in Thailand that would provide me with enough bandwidth to download movies w/o having a direct line?

A friend in Pattaya, mentioned I could purchase an Aircard as a backup, but not sure if this would solve my problem.
Since I will be a temporary resident in a hotel, installing a landline is not possible.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.