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    Question Solar, gensets & outboard availability

    Wondering if there are sources in CM to purchase solar panels, charge controllers & back up say 2kw gas (Honda ?) gensets ? Honda or Yamaha outboard motors ?

    Or, are these something better found in BKK, Phuket or Pattaya ?

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    Amorn Electronics on the North side of the Moat (They have moved to a new location just up the street) has a great selection of solar panels, charge controllers and batteries... but bizarrely they have NO staff there that can help you decide what to buy or how they go together?...

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    On the Superhighway, just after getting on from the Doi Saket Road (heading sth towards Lamphun) there is a place called ABO on the left hand side.

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    Global House and Home Pro have generators. If you need an outboard, PM me and I can get you in contact with a friend that has a boat up at Mae Ngat Dam. I am sure he would know where to get the outboards. There is a very good boat shop up in Chiang Saen but it is a bit of drive.
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