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    Cabinet agrees with national broadband policy

    Cabinet agrees with national broadband policy

    Cabinet agrees with national broadband policy

    วันอังคาร ที่ 09 พ.ย. 2553

    BANGKOK, Nov 9 – The Thai Cabinet agreed Tuesday with the national broadband policy proposed by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to allow more access by the government, the business sector and the public to high speed internet, ICT Minister Chuti Krairiksh said.

    The government has targeted 80 per cent of the Thai population to access high speed internet in the year 2015 and will upgrade Internet connections to 100 Mbps broadband service in 2020, so professional users and the public at large can access information on education, public health, disaster warnings in time through inexpensive network services.

    The government initially supported the budget of Bt20 billion ( US$666 million) through the TOT Pcl and CAT Telecom Pcl to develop high speed internet service. (MCOT online news)
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    Lovely. What's the purpose of high-speed access when most everything {that might be accessible} is censored or screened? Content might be more practical than technological image. The big picture is being missed.....and misused.

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    you get the content that you make the effort to obtain

    maybe television is what you deserve

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    Cool, the population will gladly take up the offer for better access to porn.....
    What ever happened to that super highway thingy? I thould it had already been built between Singapore and Bangkok. The buses from Mo Chit have not got any faster!

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