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    Bug Flap for sliding window insect screen

    Can anybody tell me where I can buy length(s) of Bug Flap for sliding window insect screens and balcony door. - This is the length of rubber to seal the gap between the window and the insect screen.

    I've tried Home Pro and Homeworks but they don't stock it

    I would much appreciate any information.

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    Inner Wrongholia
    Global in C mai
    If in BKK and a handyman any window sunroof fitter should have grooved rubber,rubber glue is in DIY car shops
    BetweenNana and Asoke on North side of Suk are numerous mom and pop hardware stores and Saphan Kwai area.
    If time worth more than $20 show a real Thai handyman (there's only 1 believ and he's fixing my wife at present).If un C Rai can some free from my garage.
    The handyman's comig around to fix the door the day after .........

    the elctions
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    Last but who gives a shit.

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    Is this the stuff you want?

    I got Google hits with either ยางกันแมลงติดมุ้งลวดเลื่อน rubber insect guard stuck to a sliding screen, or ยางกันฝุ่นติดมุ้งลวดเลื่อน rubber dust guard stuck to a sliding screen.

    They are specific to the screen manufacturer; so pull one of yours off the window and take with you so you can show them what it is you want.

    Believe me, if the shop you go to doesn't have it they'll try and sell you a piece of rubber which isn't designed for what you're doing.

    The ones on my window screens DON'T glue in, in fact they're exactly like that picture. They have a channel which the rubber presses into.. It's sold in rolls or by the meter.
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