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Wasp has a brilliant future in ThailandWasp has a brilliant future in Thailand
Sources .....

terp : ( In Post # 100 )
Property set back lines in my case were determined by my local Or Bor Tor, so you might want to slide by yours one day and ask them. My set back lines were NOT the same on all sides of my house. Yours might be different too.
Take photos of houses that were obviously closer than 2-3 meters . . . or maybe don't do that.
? ( Not the most useful gem of advice from terp there ! )

6kon : ( In Post # 109 )
Ministerial Regulation No. 5 (2543), issued under the Building Control Act 2522 in respect of building.
Article 50 of the building walls, windows, doors, vents or light box. Or balcony of the building to a distance from the land below.
(1) buildings with a maximum height of 9 meters, wall or deck must be at least 2 meters away land.
(2) building with a height of up to 9 meters but less than 23 meters away from the wall or terrace house does not have to be less than 3 meters.
The walls of the building away land less than as defined in (1) or (2) to be away from the area of land not less than 50 cm unless construction adjacent land and buildings will be building up to 15. meter wall of the building adjacent to the area of land or land less than those specified in (1) or (2) to construct a wall. Roof and walls of the building shall be made ​​not less than 1.80 meters high from the deck of the building adjacent land must get a written consent from the owner of the adjacent land as well.Published in Volume 117, No. 75, dated August 7, 2543.

Nobody ( especially Thai builders ) has any idea what this means.

It was Roobarb who chipped in somewhere to tell me about the 2 metre rule . I can't find that Post .
Then I think it was Fatone who said he built too close and someone complained and he was fined a bottle of Johnny Walker Black .
{ Or that may have been terp again.} ?
And koman contributed " My main bedroom is just right. Your scrotum does not ...... " but that contribution is best ignored I think .


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