IVF lottery plan provokes outcry
Sun Jul 17 2011

IVF experts have reacted with dismay to a reported plan by the organiser of the world's first IVF lottery to bring it to Australia.

The lottery, which launches in the UK on July 30, sells $30 tickets for a monthly prize of $38,000 worth of fertility treatment at a reputed clinic.

Lottery organiser Camille Strachan told News Ltd that bringing the lottery to Australia is a priority after she received huge support from Australians on her website.

Her charity, To Hatch, will run the controversial lottery.

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority chief executive Louise Johnson says she finds the concept ethically murky.

Victorian Gaming Minister Michael O'Brien says he finds the idea disgraceful, and the government will consider empowering the gambling regulator to stop it.

Sydney IVF medical director Mark Bowman says the competition trivialises an important issue affecting thousands of Australians.

And Dr Lyndon Hale, chairman of the Fertility Society of Australia says: "In terms of selling a gimmick and doing something that's medically wrong, we wouldn't be a part of something that 'gimmick-ised'."


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The Fertility charity known as To Hatch is creating controversy in Britain over their IVF lottery. Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure and Jayar Jackson discuss.