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    Taiwan firm sold Iran nuke parts

    Taiwan firm sold Iran nuke parts
    Jan 9, 2010

    TAIPEI - A TAIWANESE firm allegedly sold equipment that can be used to make nuclear weapons to Iran under a request from China, a Taipei-based magazine said.

    The firm received an online order from China last year to buy pressure transducers on behalf of an Iranian oil company for pipeline construction, Next Magazine reported this week.

    The firm later shipped 108 pressure transducers it had acquired from a Swiss firm to Iran as exporting the items was not illegal in Switzerland or Taiwan, the report said, citing a Taiwanese trade official.

    China, despite claiming its unwillingness to provide Iran with sensitive technology, has 'secretly shipped critical components' to the country through Taiwanese firms, the report quoted an unnamed source as saying.

    The magazine did not identify any of the companies allegedly involved.

    The deal raised concerns in the US, which urged the Taiwanese government to eradicate the 'smuggling network' in order not to violate international sanctions against Iran, it said.

    Taiwan's Bureau of Foreign Trade has said the device is not restricted but has nevertheless placed the company on a watch list. -- AFP

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    Surprise, surprise, China is aiding Iran. Shock!

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    Wheeling and dealing goes in all walks and levels of life and this is one of them.

    I'd guess at the parts being for the uranium processing.
    The big question is are they going to move towards weapons grade material or just nuclear fuel processing for power generation...

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