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    Meanwhile, in Liverpool.......

    "I will break your f****** neck": Police officer 'grabbed naked woman covered in salad cream by the throat' in Hilton Hotel

    The woman answered a hotel room door to the police officer naked apart from a bra, and covered in what turned out to be salad cream from a broken bottle in the room, which had been trashed

    A police constable grabbed a naked, bleeding woman - covered in salad cream - around the throat and warned her he would "break your f***** neck" during a chaotic arrest at the Hilton hotel.

    Patrol officer PC Robert Marshall, a 13-year veteran of the force, stands accused of multiple breaches of professional standards around use of force, duties and responsibilities, courtesy and respect and discreditable conduct, and appeared at a misconduct hearing at Merseyside Police HQ, chaired by independent lawyer Nick Hawkins.

    PC Marshall, who has studied ju-jitsu for six years and was trained in how people can be "choked out", claims the woman had tried to grab his neck and later tried to punch him and he acted to protect himself and his colleagues from injury.

    The misconduct panel heard Merseyside Police had been called to the hotel, on Thomas Steers Way in Liverpool City Centre, late on July 26, 2022, after staff at the hotel witnessed a man pushing a woman to the face in the bar area.

    PC Marshall, 37, attended the scene and met another officer, PC Eleanor Pierce, who was already in the lobby area.. The officers were joined by PCs David Pye and Bradley Matthews, and were guided to a room by Hilton staff, reports the ECHO.

    The woman, referred to during the hearing as "Miss B", answered the door naked apart from a bra, and covered in what turned out to be salad cream from a broken bottle in the room, which had been trashed. PC Pierce entered the room to speak with Miss B, while her partner, referred to as "Mr A", was escorted into the corridor and spoken to by the three male officers.

    Oliver Williamson, presenting the case on behalf of the police, told the panel: "At one point, the female, who was not under arrest, and had not offered violence to either PC Marshall or PC Pierce, tried to leave the room.

    "PC Marshall prevented her from so doing by grabbing her around the neck and pinning her against the wall. PC Marshall did this aggressively with significant force. PC Marshall shouted "don't f****** grab me or I will break your f****** neck".

    Mr Williamson said: "She was arrested and removed from the room. She became resistant and was handcuffed, during this process PC Marshall again used force and pinned her to the wall with his forearm across her throat. Following a further attempt by the female to resist PC Marshall again put his forearm against her throat and pinned her to the wall.

    "As she was being taken to the police car PC Marshall called her, amongst other things! a "***bhead. During this time PC Marshall also asked the female if she was trying to pinch him. It would appear she answered in the affirmative as he said "don't try and pinch me or I'll pinch you".

    The panel also heard PC Marshall had failed to complete a use of force form or a formal statement after the incident, a requirement of all police officers after any incident involving the use of force. PC Marshall accepted failing to complete the form.

    PC Marshall, 37, said he stood by his use of force during the incident, but regretted becoming embroiled in a "petty, tit-for-tat" argument with the 21-year-old woman, who was initially being treated as the potential victim of a serious assault by her partner.

    He has accepted breaching standards around duties and responsibilities and respect and courtesy to the level of misconduct, but denied the other alleged breaches and denies gross misconduct.The panel heard the woman was also twice pinned against a wall by PC Marshall during the incident using his forearm after she left the room, which investigators argue was pressing against her throat but which PC Marshall claims was against the underside of her jaw. The clash left a large blood stain from her head wound on the wall, and the woman collapsed, although PC Marshall said it was his "honestly held belief" that she had faked unconsciousness.

    The officer also denied "mocking" Miss B by saying "that was careless of you" when she said she lost her mum at 19, and "course you are" when she said she was from Rock Ferry.

    Police body-camera footage was played to the panel, showing a back and forth between the woman and PC Marshall between the two uses of force. The woman was recorded calling him a "paedo" and a "nonce", and a "ginger bearded f**". PC Marshall responded by saying: "How drunk are you? My beard isn't even ginger".

    He also told her "The hotel are going to bill you for this" when looking at the trashed room.After the footage was played, the panel heard from PC Matt Isles, a Public and Personal Safety Training expert with the Metropolitan Police, who said no officer is trained to apply pressure to the neck of a suspect unless in extreme circumstances.

    He said: "There are significant inherent dangers in the use of any neck restraint, there is a risk of serious injury or fatality."
    PC Marshall, under questioning from his barrister Julian King, about the incident, said: "She came to the door quite rapidly, sort of flying up, and came straight towards me. I had my arm out to keep her back, and at this point I realised she was covered in something, salad cream.

    "She was erratic, screaming and shouting. I put my arm out to stop her."

    PC Marshall said the woman went back into the room, but when she realised her partner was being arrested, shouted "[Mr A] don't say nothing I haven't said nothing, it was all me."

    He said: "She began to come at me more aggressively, she's grabbed at my neck...she grabbed hold of my tie and neck area. Reflexively I have pushed her away."

    PC Marshall said he "didn't mean" to use the words "break your f****** neck" but said he wanted to use language that would "dominate and control the situation."

    When asked if there was anything he could have done differently, he said: "With the beauty of hindsight there are always things you could have done differently."

    PC Marshall claimed in the corridor the woman had tried to swing a punch at him with her right arm, and he pinned her against the wall to prevent any further assault.

    However Mr Williamson suggested that PC Marshall had "lost his temper" with Miss B when he used force against a "vulnerable" potential victim. He put to PC Marshall that he had failed to complete a use of force form, where officers are expected to explain the reasons for a use of force in detail, "because you knew it could not be justified."

    PC Marshall denied his use of force was excessive. Mr Williamson asked: "Do you think your self control was maintained throughout this incident officer?"

    PC Marshall replied: "In relation to some of the verbals I used no, In relation to some of the physical stuff I honestly believe I did what I needed to do to maintain control."

    The hearing continues.

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    She sounds like a keeper

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    Can't wait for the body cam, although the salad cream might have obscured some of it.

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    Should've used Hellmans and would've been licked off

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