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    Domestic terror suspect allegedly plotted to use car bomb on hospital

    Domestic terror suspect allegedly plotted to use car bomb on hospital during coronavirus outbreak

    The FBI announced on Wednesday night that a domestic terrorism suspect who was allegedly planning to use a car bomb at a local medical facility was killed during an attempt to apprehend him just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

    Timothy Wilson, 36, was "actively planning to commit an act of domestic terrorism -- a bombing -- and over the course of several months had considered several targets," according to the FBI. He had recently decided to target a hospital as news surrounding the
    COVID-19 pandemic picked up, sources familiar worth the investigation told ABC News.

    Wilson was killed Tuesday when he allegedly showed up armed to pick up an inert explosive device supplied by authorities. He was injured and taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
    It is unclear whether the suspect killed himself or he was shot by authorities.

    According to the FBI, Wilson sped up the plan to use his car as a bombing device "in an attempt to cause severe harm and mass casualties" during the coronavirus pandemic.

    “Wilson considered various targets and ultimately settled on an area hospital in an attempt to harm many people, targeting a facility that is providing critical medical care in today's environment," according to a statement from the FBI Kansas City Field Office. "Wilson had taken the necessary steps to acquire materials needed to build an explosive device. At all times during the investigation, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force kept close track of Wilson in order to protect public safety."

    One of the suspect's early targets was a school with African American youth, according to sources.

    Wilson was under investigation by the FBI for nearly 18 months.

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    Must be a thing about blokes named Timothy and car bombs in the US? Timothy McVeigh - Wikipedia

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