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    Beer bikes banned in Amsterdam

    If you wanted to have a big weekend in Amsterdam taking in the red light district as well as hopping on
    a beer bike, we have some bad news.

    The city has paved the way to ban the mobile bars, where people pedal a group bike while drinking ale and seeing the sights.

    Don’t worry, they aren’t drinking and driving as someone else is doing the steering.

    Anyway, a court ruling on Tuesday means they could be a thing of the past, as they are seen as being the ‘wrong type’ of tourism.

    Drunk men on stag does spilling beer around the historic streets, treating the whole city as a tourist attraction,
    are not welcomed by many locals.

    The ruling says: ‘The city centre has experienced many inconveniences caused by drivers of beer bikes in recent years.

    Metro UK

    God bless them

    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”


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    Don't Mokum like that anymore.

    Waarom is "Mokum" een andere naam voor Amsterdam? -

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    Eens was Amsterdam een centrum van Joods leven.

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