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    Giant wind farm could power the entire planet

    The entire world could be powered by one deep-sea wind farm stretching across the North Atlantic.

    Building a renewable energy project the size of India across the ocean would allow the entire world to get access to sustainable energy and fulfil its needs, according to a major new study.

    There are likely to be very significant hurdles to building such a major project, especially one that would require international cooperation and incredible levels of investment. But it would also allow people to get access to vast amounts of energy: at least more efficiently than onshore wind power.

    The entire world could be powered by a deep-sea wind farm, scientists find | The Independent
    Step by step, inch by inch, piece by piece.

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    Yeah but it's called Climate Change.

    Imagine if you spend trillions on something like that and the jetstreams shift elsewhere.

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    Great idea, and it will be far easier to build this mega-farm three times over than to fuse international cooperation to power the world.

    A while back during a brainstorm on some matter that would require genuine international cooperation for the benefit of most of the world, a professor friend pulled me up to describe an experiment conducted on first one and then due to surprising results several other classes at colleges and universities. Can't remember the specifics, but each student was privately offered a choice of, say, $30k which was enough to pay their tuition fees through to graduation, while the other students received nothing and wouldn't know about the arrangement; or, they could choose to receive $50k instead, but in this case every other student in their class/group would be given $75k.

    I guess most people would see this as a no-brainer, but turns out an overwhelming majority of subjects throughout the studies chose the smaller amount, for that edge over their peers.

    Much the same with human nature in matters of international cooperation, there will always be those that cut their nose to spite the face, and in our world as it is there are many interests understandably opposed to sustainable free/cheap energy for all.

    But good idea anyway, maybe for another generation.

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