Accused murderer Pedro Bravo asked Apple iPhone’s Siri ‘need to hide my roommate’

A YOUNG man accused of killing his roommate asked Apple iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant Siri for advice: “I need to hide my roommate”.
Pedro Bravo is accused of kidnapping and strangling his friend, University of Florida student Christian Aguilar, in the city of Gainesville in Florida, in September 2012 after an argument started over Aguilar dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend Erika Friman.
When asked “I need to hide my roommate”, iPhone’s Siri answered: “What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.” reported WXPI Pittsburgh.

Gainesville Police Department Detective Matt Goeckel said the Siri conversation between Bravo and his phone happened on September 20, 2012 — the day Aguilar went missing. Goeckel also said Bravo’s flashlight was on nine times and used for over 48 minutes on that date as well.
Police said that Bravo was using the phone’s flashlight function to hide the body in the woods, and say that location data gathered from the smartphone doesn’t fit with Bravo’s account of his movements that evening.
Bravo was charged with the murder of Aguilar on September 28, 2012, though his friend’s body was not found until October 13 when hunters stumbled across Aguilar in a shallow grave in a nearby forest, 100km southwest of Gianesville.
The prosecution alleges that Aguilar was strangled at the city’s Walmart shopping centre. The pair had gone to Best Buy to buy a Kanye West CD when they had a fight in the car and police allege that Aguilar was strangled.

Earlier the court heard that Bravo told police after his arrest they got into a heated argument and Christian wanted out of the car so he dropped him off.
“I made a comment about this girl he liked for three years (not Erica), he got mad and told me to stop the car,” said Bravo.
“I was angry and stopped the car and said ‘fine, get out’,” added Bravo.
Bravo originally told police he and Christian had a verbal argument, then he said it turned physical.
“I was sitting here in the car, and I remember he said something and I just punched him across the face.”
Bravo said that’s when he kicked Christian out of the car, but the police officer was not convinced.
“How many times did you hit him,” he asked Bravo.
“Once. Just once,” said Bravo later adding, “I don’t want him to be found a skeleton by his parents and not be able to have a funeral.”
Under questioning as to whether police would find Aguilar alive, Bravo’s story changed.
“I stopped the car, I got out and started a small fight with him and then I left,” said Bravo.
Then his story became more defined.
“I pushed him out of the car, then I got out of the car then I kept punching him,” said Bravo. “I really hope he’s okay. When I left the scene it was me, I was just there whaling on him, then I kept going until I could see he was okay but he couldn’t move anymore. Then I drove away.”‘
While questioned at the police station, Bravo gave detectives permission to search his SUV, where crime scene technicians found blood stains. They also found a scraped interior ceiling and a cracked windshield.

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Accused murderer Pedro Bravo asked Apple iPhone’s Siri ‘need to hide my roommate’ |