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    Girl adverises party on Facebook, gatecrashers arrive and the murdering begins.

    Fancy that, gatecrashers arrive after advertising a party on the internet, what a surprise.
    Who in their right mind puts a party invite and address on the internet. (Facebook).
    When will people wake up and learn.
    Teenager stabbed to death after Facebook party is gatecrashed
    A promising A-level student was stabbed to death after a quiet house party spiralled out of control when gatecrashers spotted an invite on Facebook.

    The scene in Colchester where a seventeen year old boy has been stabbed to death while attending a house party Photo: EASTNEWS
    By Martin Evans, and Richard Alleyne7:00PM BST 09 Sep 2012
    Jay Whiston, 17, collapsed after being stabbed in the stomach during an altercation over a mobile phone at the party in a quiet suburb of Colchester, Essex.
    Partygoers described how the well-behaved teenage gathering, at which the host’s parents were present, descended into chaos as a large number of uninvited guests turned up and began to cause trouble.
    According to witnesses, Mr Whiston, who lived with his family in Clacton, was stabbed when he attempted to intervene in a row over a mobile phone.
    Paramedics, who were called to Marlowe Way in Colchester shortly after 10pm on Saturday evening, rushed Mr Whiston to Colchester General Hospital but he was pronounced a short time later.
    Last night his grieving mother Caroline Shearer, 47, warned parents everywhere of the devastating impact of knife crime.
    MP's house gatecrashed 25 Aug 2011
    Family home trashed after Facebook party goes wrong 22 Feb 2010
    Girl, 14, fears 21,000 party guests after Facebook invite blunder 20 Sep 2010
    She said: “I have no forgiveness for those that are allowed to roam and terrorise our streets. This sort of thing is what you see on the news but parents have got to realise that it can happen to you.
    “It doesn’t matter how good your son or daughter is – there is always a bad one around the corner. I knew where my son was last night but today I am grieving for him.
    “There is no deterrent to stop people carrying knives – until that changes we will continue to lose good people like my son.”
    She went on: “It isn’t right that parents cannot send their children to a party without fearing for their safety due to these knife-wielding thugs. Judges need to be given the powers to give punishment that is equal to the crime.”
    Neighbours described how the party’s host, Laura Gathercole, had put a polite note through everyone’s door informing them that a party was taking place and apologising in advance for any noise or inconvenience.
    The note read: “I am having a party this evening (September 8) and would like to apologise in advance for any noise. We will turn the music down at a reasonable time and try to keep noise to a minimum. Thank you for your understanding!”
    The girl’s parents, Paul and Jeanette Gathercole, also remained in attendance throughout the evening to supervise the party.
    But guests said the quiet gathering started to get more boisterous as uninvited partygoers turned up after reading about the party on social networking sites.
    Shannon Summers, 15, from Colchester, who was at the party, said word had spread about the party on Facebook.
    She said: “Laura just wanted a get together but she didn’t want to say no to people. She let them bring their friends but it just got out of control.”
    Describing how the violence had erupted, she said: “I was in the party just talking to people and we were all having a good time. Someone shouted ‘they’re having a fight’. It was two boys on the patio at first but then others joined in.”
    Another guest said: “The host’s parents were there supervising and had invited about 150 people – but on the night it was more like 200. All the smokers were outside so the party just spilt out into the street.”
    Senior Investigating Officer, DCI Simon Parkes, said: “This really is tragic loss of life that we, but more importantly, this boy's parents have to deal with.
    “This murder took place in an affluent area of Colchester and at a house party which had a garden that could cater for the 100 or so teenagers that were present.
    “Although we don't yet know the details of what went on, we're slowly piecing together the sequence of events that led to this boy's death.
    “We're speaking to those who were at the party, but we're mindful that there may have been others who left either before the stabbing or in the immediate aftermath before we arrived.
    “Everyone at this party is a key witness whether they saw anything or not and we would urge them to contact us.
    “Our thoughts are very much also with this boy's family. They are being supported by our family liaison officers."
    Three people have so far been arrested on suspicion of murder.
    Two 18-year-old men and a 17-year-old boy, all from Colchester, Essex, are currently being questioned at separate police stations across North Essex.
    Teenager stabbed to death after Facebook party is gatecrashed - Telegraph
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    You bullied, you laughed, you lied, you lost!

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