The video shows two men approach the house in mid-morning before they pull the pin out of the grenade and throw it at the property. The video has been released by Greater Manchester police who are investigating the death of 46-year-old David Short. His body was found ten minutes before the grenade attack in this video took place. Police were called to his property following reports of gunshots and an explosion, also caused by a grenade.

The grenade attack seen in the video took place outside a house on Luke Road in Droylsden, Manchester. No body was injured during this incident.
However, ten minutes earlier, the body of 46-year-old David Short was found at a house on Folkestone Road East in Clayton after police were called there following reports of gunshots.

There had also been an explosion at the address, which was caused by a grenade.
It took place after his son Mark, 23, was shot dead as a gunman opened fire in a pub in the city in May. His father had previously branded his son's murderers 'cowards'.
Caught on camera: Moment grenade is hurled at a house shortly after man was gunned down in similar gangland hit | Mail Online