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    I have three passports plus one permanent right of residence card.
    If you have the right or ability to get more than one passport, I certainly think you should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texpat View Post
    I have two US passports.
    One has the normal blue jacket and the other is red and contains a stamp that says, "The bearer is abroad on an official assignment for the United States government."

    I should have surrendered this passport when I retired, but didn't.
    Now you've done it with that disclosure. Set yourself up for attack from the radicals and pacifists!

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    This is my first ever post!
    Yes you can have two passports
    I am from the UK and have two, but needed a letter from my employer to apply for this. The reason being that my work takes me to many countries and at times my passport may be 'away' getting a visa.

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    You might want to put your first post in a current thread but well done anyway

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