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Thai Basil กะเพรา

Thai Holy Basil is great when picked fresh from the plant for many great Thai Recipes, but sometimes you may not have the time nor place to Grow Your Own Thai Basil from either seeds or Cuttings, so here we have listed a few ways of storing your supermarket bought Thai Basil for you to use when you need it, the 2 main ways are drying or freezing the basil leaves.

Freezing Basil

Freezing basil leaves is probably the quickest and easiest, ripped leaves mixed with water and put into ice cube trays to freeze can be transferred to plastic bags in the freezer.
If you want puree the leaves can be placed in a food processor, pureed then add water and freeze, if you want whole leaves these can be blanched and be placed in an air tight bag in the freezer, only problem is they turn black which isn't very attractive for certain meals.

Drying Basil

With dried basil you will lose some of the flavour but it is quick and easy, place the basil leaves in a preheated oven on a baking tray at 300 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes, electric ovens are best.
If you have the time and patience you can hang the basil leaves between 2 sheets of paper in a wire rack, but it does involving turning it over a couple of times perday until dry, also overlapping leaves may cause problems.

Salting Basil Leaves

If your into salting different meats then this may appeal to you, in a jar place layers of basil leaves alternated with either sea salt or kosher salt, same rules as salting meats, ie avoid overlapping leaves and make sure they are covered in salt so they don't go mouldy, should be useable for a couple of months.

Country Herb Basil Vinegar

If you Grow Your Own Thai Basil your bound to have an excess so why not make some country herb vinegar, place a few sprigs of basil in a jar, pour some warm white wine vinegar to cover the basil, seal with a non corrosive lid and store in a warm place for a couple of weeks, you now have a delicious vinegar that can be used with salads, (ripped leaves will speed up the flavour process).

Basil in Oil

This will only keep for a couple of weeks and needs to be stored in the fridge but will help the basil leaves retain their full flavor, can also be finely chopped (ripped is better) and stored in a nice virgin olive oil for spooning over different meals and salads.

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