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    Chitty's Day of Art and Culture

    Some random pics from a day out with the kids last week to a local museum..

    Manchester University Museum, following in the tracks of Oxford. No cars..

    Spot the T-Rexs egg

    Thank fcvk it's extinct!

    Origami is the order of the day..


    Time for a pint and some hustling after all that history and culture..

    Space Invaders, not many of these vintage arcade games left..

    Munchie time, Chicken kebab..

    The sunset from the top of the car park..

    The End

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_152154-1-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_144341-1-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_144434-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_145400-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_150658-1-jpg  

    Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_160351-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_160207-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_153739-jpg   Chitty's Day of Art and Culture-20191028_162838-jpg  
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    Today @ 05:34 PM
    Thats nice. My kid loves Trexs.

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    ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ
    I'm glad that death chicken thingy is extinct, and I'm not talking about the kebab.

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    Did the Natural History Museum and the British Science Museum that's next to it, in London a few years ago. Amazing place and great for kids, from Easter Island heads to Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs to space rockets and pieces of moon rock, interactive art rooms to kid's science shows, amazing places. As well as being me favorite price. Free.

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    Yesterday @ 09:15 PM
    A foggy day, in London town
    Had me low, had me down
    I viewed the morning, with much alarm
    British Museum, had lost its charm

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    Nice looking kebab.

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