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    31-03-2017 @ 03:23 AM
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    For several weeks now I have been attempting
    to recover the photographs from one of my accounts
    with Photobucket.

    No luck at all.

    They have recently told me that they are returning
    my subscription & giving me free use of my account!

    This is an auto-response from Robert, the Photobucket robot, regarding your Print inquiry. Below are links that may help in resolving your issue. If they don’t, please email us your inquiry at Your ticket will be opened with the Photobucket Print Team, who will follow up and assist you.
    They don't help at all, nor do they acknowledge
    that the photographs are missing!

    Your Photobucket subscription has been canceled. Your account has reverted to “Free” status. .

    It's made a real mess of my Teak Door Threads.

    I'm hoping they are able to locate and replace the photographs.

    However, it feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall.

    I've checked on Forums regarding Photobucket,
    this is by no means an isolated incident.

    I'll be back with The Lancashire Thread in due course.

    Taking a break.
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    Was wondering what was happening to your updates.
    All the best

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    It's about $8 a month to subscribe, and it is worth it as the site's 50 times faster and I can't afford to lose 700 photos.

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    Mathos, if your outstanding Lancashire thread has been compromised, you might ask admin to retrieve your numerous missing pics from their hard drive.....

    Photobucket has a nasty and indifferent history and policy towards their faithful.
    They don't have the best reputation.

    Sorry for your lose.
    Yet, you might be able claim back photos that were posted here.

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    Sad news. I love that thread.

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    I only use Photobucket for photos I wish to share on forums. I think abut 30 photos there.

    It is slower than it used to be but OK for me.

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