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Thread: On my bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chittychangchang View Post
    That padded seat cover
    Dill's coming-out? (Log in your workouts today!)

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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    If any of you remember SEA Traveler he got into biking heavy about 7 years ago. Pretty much daily rides adding up to over 500 kilometers a week. He has also lost about 30 kilos. Here was his ride of a few days ago.

    On my bike-safe_image-jpg

    He more or less got me into daily exercise when I saw the change in him.

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    I remember SEA Traveler was a bit chubby. And I must admit (as I have already) that Cujo, despite being a curmudgeon, achieved a very fact rather astonishing.... body transformation. I myself started cycling again about 3 months ago, after 5 years off. There are hills where I live which are a great challenge, and my bike has front and rear suspension.

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    Great pictures, Chitty! Impressive hills. I'm going out of town soon on a very long bike ride, ill try grab some snaps. Ciao

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    Sweated out the weekends debauchery today ...
    Country life, off for a milking..
    On my bike-20200706_220942-jpg

    On my bike-20200706_221127-jpg

    On my bike-20200706_221230-jpg

    On my bike-20200706_221324-jpg

    Cow pat guy for dinner..
    On my bike-20200706_221624-jpg

    Bumped into TD Legend Luigi today, he says hi.


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