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    Quote Originally Posted by ootai View Post
    What is meant by "subsea developments" are they producing wells/holes that are capped with an arrangement that allows them to be remotely controlled?
    Is the location of the Cap/control station dictated by where the holes were originally drilled from?
    As I understand it when they drill they drill from a central location and can then directionally drill to where they suspect there to be hydrocarbons i.e. oil/gas.
    You've got it, however not only producing wells, but also injection wells (water/gas). A drilling rig/ship will have drilled the planned wells from a single location, with the subsequent control hardware being installed. This is why there is a perennial need for ROV operations for routine maintenance/repair of subsea infrastructure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendip View Post
    ^ Ootai, each wellhead is connected to flowlines that transport oil/gas back to the platform they have been tied in to, and from there the products will either be sent to shore via export pipelines or stored and then transferred to a tanker. Each wellhead is connected to the main platform by electrical/hydraulic umbilicals so that flow and a host of other parameters can be controlled. These wellheads may be many kilometres from the platforms.

    Some wellheads will be for water or gas injection... water may be injected into a well to maintain pressure... as may be gas. The gas may be extracted from one well, and injected into an oil well to maintain pressure and extract the oil, after which the gas will then also be extracted.

    As for Sinovac... I guess it all depends on your personal circumstances. I regularly travel to Europe for work and I didn't fancy having four vaccinations, which would have been necessary if I had taken two shots of Sinovac in Korat, as Sinovac isn't approved in the West. Had I had the Sinovac a couple of months ago I'd still be in exactly the same situation... chasing proper vaccines while here in Norway.

    If I stayed permanently in Isaan I would have most probably taken the Sinovac. And as for not wanting me... Norway are a lot more welcoming than Thailand has ever been.
    Thanks for the information I remember a long time ago doing a little bit of study on oil and gas mining/drilling but I wasn't sure of how it really works.

    As for you getting Sinovac in Korat before you left i.e. "Had I had the Sinovac a couple of months ago I'd still be in exactly the same situation.."
    That is not true IMHO as you would have had some protection rather none as is the case at the moment.

    As for getting more than 2 shots of anything that doesn't really worry me at all but then I am closer to the end than you, based on age that is, but maybe not from a Covid risk point of view.

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    As you first mentioned, directional drilling plays a huge part now... but many satellite developments are many km away from a field centre... advances in the seismic industry allow continued new discoveries, many of which are in the vicinity of existing oil fields.

    New wells are drilled and capped with a wellhead. Several wellheads may be connected to a single subsea manifold/template via 'jumpers' which are often flexible production lines. The product passes through the manifolds which help control flow and connect to larger diameter flowlines (gas, condensate or oil) which then tie back to existing filed infrastructure maybe 20 or 30km away for initial processing and transport to shore. These days all control panels on wellheads and manifolds are designed to be ROV-friendly... valves may need closing/opening during shutdowns for example, and valves may need replacing. A lot of operations can be controlled via umbilicals from a platform, but not all. ROVs have largely taken over from divers for maintenance of new developments now... mainly due to deep water (outwith diving capabilities), HSE and cost. Divers are very expensive.

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