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    That would have been amazing Norton. I40 crosses the whole state and every little town has been bypassed. But it seems that only some have embraced the route 66 nostalgia. Kingman and Flagstaff have but Winslow and Holbrook have not. We should have explored a few more of them.
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    Thead brings back fond memories for me. As a young sailor fresh out of boot camp rode my brand new 1964 Triumph Bonneville from Chicago to LA. At that time Route 66 towns in Arizona were still thriving. Interstate 40 not yet open in Arizona.

    Here is the beast.
    Arizona Times-1964-t120r-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoganInParasite View Post
    it seems that only some have embraced the route 66 nostalgia.
    The ones that didn't all basically supported by travelers on Rt66. A few gas stations and diners. When by passed nothing left to sustain the lical economy. Reckon progress is a double edged sword.

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