Prostitutes and pot-heads prepare for the Olympics

22/05/2009 900 AM, Joshua Crouthamel Next Canada prepares for a rockin' Olympic Games in 2010

The design of the Olympic Flame for 2010 has just been revealed, and the interwebs are all atwitter, as it appears to many that the torch looks very similar to a joint. Check it out for yourself, embiggened here:

Canadians have taken to calling it the 'Olympic Toke'. Coincidence? Or is this all part of the grand master plan to see Michael Phelps go for ganja gold in Vancouver?
The designer of the torch was asked what he thought of the comparison, and responded that: "Sure, it may look a little bit like a joint, but I can tell you that what they were going for was ergonomics, sleekness, modernity". Yeah ... right.
And in other Olympic news, Canadian prostitutes have begun training for the upcoming games.
A local agency that supports Vancouver sex workers is preparing a brochure for prostitutes that details their rights and explains how they should deal with international media during the Winter Games, scheduled for February 2010.
Natasia Wright, of the Prostitution Alternatives Counselling and Education Society, explains in an interview with MSNBC in the US: "What we are doing is putting together a brochure for our members on their rights to do with the media in general in preparation for the Olympics. All people should know their rights with the media and if they don't, then they should be informed".
The pamphlet will contain information and guidelines about how to handle requests for photographs and interviews. It will also be accompanied by a discussion session to ensure sex workers understand how to protect their privacy during the Games, which are expected to bring millions of international visitors to Vancouver.
What do you think? Will next year's torch yield more munchies than medals? Are you surprised that prostitutes are training in tandem with the athletes?

Prostitutes and pot-heads prepare for the Olympics - Armchair Traveller

Sex games as part of the Olympics? Excellent