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    Hey Kingwilly do you know this girl ??

    An orang-utan made a brazen bid to escape an Australian zoo by using a branch to short-circuit an electric fence.

    Karta the orang-utan escaped her zoo enclosure before changing her mind

    Karta, who weighs 137-pounds (62-kilograms), jammed a stick into the wires connected to the fence and piled up debris to help her climb over a concrete and glass wall.
    Witnesses at Adelaide zoo described watching the orang-utan grabbing branches and pulling herself up onto the ledge.
    The stunned tourists raised the alarm as they came within metres of the roaming primate.
    However, the 27-year-old female seemed not to enjoy freedom as much as she expected and returned to her enclosure after half an hour.
    Zoo curator Paul Whitehead blamed Karta's escape on her intelligence.
    "This animal has a history of trying to outsmart and be a little bit smarter and she's an animal which has caused lots of keepers a lot of late hours," he said.

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    she was looking for her mate who has died

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