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    Thanks HB, was looking at using that site to help with the sale of Mrs. Kerr's shack in Thonglor. Will give it and Mr. David a wide berth.

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    I recieved this email from David. I am a little confused.

    From: 2009[at]
    To: hillbilly[at]...
    Subject: Re: - Advert Listing
    Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 0726 +0700

    OK I see the problem... these emails were sent in Jan to 2008[at] NOT 2009[at] ....hence we did not receive them !

    Do you understand now ?

    Send me you bank details I will reimburse.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: hillbilly
    To: 2009[at]
    Sent: Sunday, 08 March, 2009 7:06 AM
    Subject: FW: - Advert Listing

    ***The above email that I sent is shown above. Nor more nor less. Like I have stated earlier he had heard of TD per our phone call.

    Now I have been sending this email to the same above email address from the get go. I may be wrong but this guy maybe a little shaky. I have sent him a reply that stated I did not want to give my banking details online. Then I asked him to give me his office address and we would send a messenger to collect monies due. Let's wait and see his response.***
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    Sounds like he is trying to blame you for his incompetence.

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