For the past few years, or at least as far a I remember, Chiang Mai radio broadcast an English Language program every night from 7.30 - 9.00, called "Helping Hand", no it wasn't great, but most of the time it actually had English/American/Irish volunteer hosts, lots of Thais phoned in, and it probably did help a bit with spoken English.

Lately, it began to get a bit rundown, the English speakers were replaced by Thais who could not read a simple sentence, and to be honest, probably did more harm than good to anyone wanting to learn English.

The past 3 nights, it seems to have disapeared altogether, it now appears to have been replaced by some arsehole calling himself "Global DJ" who, instead of promoting a bit of cross cultural learning, has resorted to playing that despicable shite, described as music.. "TECHNO", not content with blasting that crap for 2 1/2 hours, he has a certain penchant for one particular song which he plays every night, around the same time....imagine the techno beat...and the lyrics are... "PUSSY, PUSSY, LICK IT, LICK IT, PUSSY, PUSSY, LICK IT, LICK IT!"

Whilst I would be the first to agree that a bit of hairy pie is very welcome, it sadly does nothing to further the horizons of the Thais who enjoyed (and Farangs) the previous program.

I guess I can always tune in to that fantastic saffron robed chanting station...thats almost as good as a bit of HIP HOP!