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Thread: Tesco Lotus FM

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    Tesco Lotus FM

    Have you ever heard a worse radio station? ..It's just a never ending stream of twee kindergarten style advertising; the jingles, the ads - for example that nauseating 'Gliiico' affix - all sound like they are expressed by a bunch of ecstatic pre-school children - smiling in that horrible excessive contorted way that screws the eyes shut, shows as many teeth as possible and causes their head to cock to one side as they display that mawkish token two finger idiocy they nicked off Winston Churchill. I often wonder if the better educated and westernized Thais find this patronizing or irritating... Jingles and ads in a stupid fucking voice, that's Tesco Lotus FM - well as far as I'm concerned Tesco can stick it up their arse.

    Have I been here too long?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gentleman Scamp
    Have I been here too long?
    I don't know if to long or not.
    I remember that at one time you were worried about your shoes getting wet and how you should dry them, and that you were starving to death trying to live on street Thai food and to stupid to but a pot, a few chicken parts and a bag of Pasta of some sort and cook it up or buy spuds and cook em.

    Sp now the balls is back in your court.

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    Lol. I delegate any shopping of everyday items to my wife, as shit like this always ratchets up another ft/lb of torsion on my testes.
    The worst is the Christmas Carol experience of chipmunks-on-Helium Thai kids singing "Jinga-Ben, jinga ben, jinga awda wayyyyyyyy" at 140dB in any supermarket / shopping mall. Makes me want to bash all their little heads in with a nail-studded cricket bat.
    I've been here too long too.

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    your song was funny

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