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    Thais seems to be aware of that too, or why do they check the bill as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmite the Dog View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorTud
    No that's a different bar, where I drink, with the regimental plaque behind the bar.
    I was talking about Chequers seeing as Peter has now got a nice place to run.
    How is good old Peter, Nice bloke really and got caught in a web of needless greed that I am sure he was not a part of.
    I also hope he gets the full reins and to drive the new bar as he sees fit. Honest as they day is long.
    Got to go and see him soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
    Thais seems to be aware of that too, or why do they check the bill as well?
    Its why shop assistants follow you and watch you, too. Service my arse. Nobody trusts anybody in this superficial bullshit society. I feel so relieved that I didn't grow up here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loy Toy
    Confrontation never. Just never go there again.
    may run out of places to go

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    I can remember being in BKK one time and, having a full camera, sought the sevices of a shop to get a cd copy. 80Bht for cd, said the girl, cost 3200Bht. It's a one gig chip, I protested. Sorry, can only get 200 photo on one cd. That was the limit of her English. I had been warned not to argue, with anyone, if I was on my own and it was only 160Bht. It would have bought a few decent Thai style dishes though, so I stuck to my guns. Unfortunately I did not have the ammo.

    The shop started to fill up and a line was forming behind. I smiled, they smiled back. Then I wisely chickened out and left, as politely as I could muster and bought a half gig chip, in a big store. That kept me going untill I got to Samui. Now, if I am away from home, I always use the half gig chip, because even a moron can see that it fits onto a 700Mb CD. Plus it's eady to trot out the number in Thai. Cd Jet loy Mb, chip ha loy Mb, nueng Cd Kup.

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    I had been warned not to argue, with anyone, if I was on my own
    Any particular reason? You don't actually follow this advice do you?

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